An analysis of justification homicide

The Self-Defence Justification of Homicide. Retrieved Sep 27 from https: Unlike Fletcher and a few other theorists, Uniacke does not engage in detailed legal analysis but relies on traditional common law doctrine as the given starting point for her discussion.

An analysis of justification homicide

Additional crime scene locations. Each crime scene investigation is unique, and as such, the establishment of a clear and direct method of communicating scene information is required.

Crime scene investigators will discuss with the detective, or officer in charge of the crime scene, information regarding the type of investigation that is under way.

Any relevant information regarding the processing of the scene and any specific scene-processing directions or evidence collection should be made known prior to scene entry.

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In any crime scene investigation, new or additional information may be developed from outside the scene by the investigating agency. When new or additional information is developed concerning the crime scene, the agency should communicate that information to the crime scene investigator.

This new or additional information may cause the crime scene investigator to make changes in scene processing such as expanding to other areas and additional items of evidence or narrowing the scope of the scene and items of evidence.

An analysis of justification homicide either case, the crime scene investigator advises the detective or officer in charge of the crime scene of findings so the agency can proceed with its investigation.

Preliminary Survey or Crime Scene Walk-Through A preliminary survey or walk-through of the crime scene with the detective or officer in charge should take place after the exchange of information.

The investigator establishes a path to enter and exit the scene, avoiding the pathway used by the suspect, if possible, and preserving the scene from possible contamination.


During this walk-through the crime scene investigator will do the following: Evaluate the crime scene to help in formulating a plan for processing the scene and the collection and preservation of evidence. Make appropriate notes of the scene, evidence located within the scene and the condition of the evidence.

Determine if any additional equipment or personnel are needed to process the scene, i. Confer with the detective or officer to determine what potential evidence needs to be recorded, recovered, and what processing will occur at the scene.

Scene Search for Trace Evidence Trace evidence is any material such as hairs, fibers, glass, soil, paint, etc. Trace evidence may be used to associate an individual s with a crime scene or another individual. Crime scene investigators should be trained to recognize trace evidence, understand the potential value of trace evidence, and collect and preserve the sample and the control sample.

When encountering noticeable items of trace evidence, document and collect the item immediately. Document and collect additional items, depending upon the conditions at the scene and stability of the item of evidence.

The investigators should have the following equipment available for use in the search and collection of trace evidence: Studio lights — a light source requiring access to AC current electricity.

The light bulb is a tungsten halogen projector lamp type of bulb with a watt light output having a hour rating. A portable alternate light source variable visible light wavelengths. A more powerful, longer lasting light source may be transported to a crime scene, though bulky and requiring AC current electricity to operate.

A portable, lightweight and compact light source that may be transported to a crime scene. The light source can operate on AC current electricity or with the rechargeable battery pack.

When searching for blood or other biological fluids, use the narrow band nm interference filter.

Justification: Theory

Goggles or filters do not need to be used when searching for this type of evidence. Vacuum — a portable vacuum that operates on AC current.

An analysis of justification homicide

They are typically equipped with filters and an attachment to prevent the trace evidence from being drawn into the vacuum. If trace evidence is found, it should be photographed and noted to include the following: Location where the evidence was recovered.Yet, while these qualities certainly contributed to make Rebecca an immodest, immoral, and unpleasant person, they were hardly justification for murder.

Maxim also refers to their trip to Monte Carlo when he learned the truth about Rebecca’s nature only five days after their wedding. Hall, Jerome, "Comment on Justification and Excuse" ().Articles by Maurer Faculty. COMMENT ON JUSTIFICATION AND EXCUSE Jerome Hall Any analysis of justification and excuse encounters two unusually difficult obstacles.

First there are ethical issues that have agitated in e.g.

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its definition of criminal homicide, while that of another. Comment on Justification and Excuse Jerome Hall University of California, Hastings College of the Law* Any analysis of justification and excuse encounters two unusually difficult obstacles.

First there are ethical issues that have agitated in e.g. its definition of criminal homicide, while that of another coun-. CRIMINAL DEFENSE CASE ANALYSIS 3 There were witnesses who told police that James Bryan Miller was an occupant in the home where the invasion and shooting happened (

When the shooting happened, Miller had fled the scene and was later arrested. Aug 09,  · Thesis on a homicide Kunzmann, u little, t smith, j perceiving control: A dynamic systems theories percentage of texts included, the pattern of social security, medicare, and thesis justification of sample of the study in health.

To approach the theory of justification, one needs first to understand what a justification is. A justification renders a nominal violation of the criminal law lawful and therefore exempt from criminal sanctions.

An analysis of justification homicide

For example, if the force used in self-defense against an aggressor is both necessary.

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