An analysis of the relationship between the old man and the boy in the old man and the sea by ernest

Efforts to split it into recognizably separate parts are haphazard at best, because its simple action moves along a time line of morning, noon, sunset, midnight, and dawn, which is then repeated, and with little reminiscing by the protagonist and no interpolations by the author.

An analysis of the relationship between the old man and the boy in the old man and the sea by ernest

It is a story about an old Cuban fisherman and his three-day battle with a giant Marlin. The relationship between Santiago and the boy is introduced early in the story.

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They are unlikely companions; one is old and the other young, yet they share an insuperable amount of respect and loyalty for each other. Santiago does not treat Manolin as a young boy but rather as an equal. Age is not a factor in their relationship.

He even offers to disobey his parents and accompany Nonetheless Manolin is loyal to Santiago and even when his parents forbid him he wants to help his friend.

An analysis of the relationship between the old man and the boy in the old man and the sea by ernest

Their conversations are comfortable, like that of two friends who have known each other for a long time. When they speak it is usually about baseball or fishing, the two things they have most in common. In this way Santiago not only teaches Manolin about fishing but also about important characteristics such as faith.

Although Santiago has had many troubles he perseveres. After he hooks the Marlin he frequently recalls his battle with a native in what he calls the hand game. It is not just an arm wrestling victory for him it is a reminder of his youthful days.

He was a fisherman all his life and therefore he knows that the fate of his catch is inevitable yet he persists to fight the sharks.

An analysis of the relationship between the old man and the boy in the old man and the sea by ernest

The battle between him and the sharks is about principles not a mere fish. Santiago is still a great warrior at heart and warriors fight until the end. One of the greatest and most obvious pieces of symbolism in the story is Christianity.

From the beginning of the story the reader is shown a unique relationship between Santiago and Manolin. Their relationship parallels that of Christ and his disciples.

One of the greatest lessons that Santiago gives is that of a simple faith. Have faith in the Yankees my son.

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This type of faith reflects the basic principles of Christianity. He does not smother the relationship between the old man and the young boy but instead separates them for a large part of the story. For Manolin, Santiago is like his friend, family, and his role model.

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Also explains the historical and literary context that influenced The Old Man and the Sea. The literary devices (elements and techniques) that Ernest Hemingway uses in the novella The Old Man and The Sea include. A distinct protagonist.


In this story the protagonist is Santiago. The climax of a story is when the action reaches the highest point of tension. In The Old Man and the Sea, the climax occurs when Santiago kills the marlin and ties it to his boat as he heads to.

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About The Old Man and the Sea The Old Man and the Sea Summary. The old man’s relationship with the boy is characterized as "love," and Manolin expresses deep admiration for the old man’s mad fishing skills.

The old man also finds brotherhood with certain creatures of the sea. These types of relationship are always based on .

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