An introduction to the napster software

Share via Email Shawn Fanning, one of the two teenage founders of Napster, in He worked on a borrowed PC in his uncle's office in Massachusetts and slept in a nearby utility cupboard during days-long programming sessions. Figures scrawled on a whiteboard told how many people around the world had installed their file-sharing application and were using it to download music from each other's computers.

An introduction to the napster software

In this regard, there are different issues that for a long period of time had proved to be a challenge in the society that were easily handled by the introduction of technology.

Among the technological innovations that completely transformed the lives of people in all sectors of life is the internet. Following this point, this research paper will analyze the rise and fall of Napster, a technological innovation that simplified the way people shared music that was in MP3 format over the internet.


To begin with, Napster was an internet service that allowed its clients to share files, mostly in MP3 forms. The internet service came into operation in June and operated until July In reference to MeyerNapster was a program that was meant to allow students at NortheasternUniversity to share music files among themselves, only for this program to develop extensively and attract clients from across the globe.

The blossoming of Napster as an internet file sharing service raised a lot of concerns in the music industry. The music industry was amazed at how music fans across the world were able to access their favorite hits songs without having to pay to them royalties.

In this regard, different music companies and artists filed complaints arguing that Napster infringed their music copyrights since it had created an avenue whereby people were able to gain access to their music without having to pay anything Mayer There are various issues that enabled Napster to flourish as a company and software.

In reference to Hardinthe information age led to the development of personal computers that was then followed by the introduction of the internet for home usage 8. In line with this, the internet became a luxury that was highly esteemed by people in the society.

The demand to consume technology was also very high. The consumers really needed technological breakthroughs that would enable them to streamline the business and personal lives. It was also found that Napster followed a four-stage path in its development to the point of flourishing.

First, there is the creative stage. In this regard therefore, the availability of this idea resulted to a creation of a file sharing program.

The second stage that is cited by Hardin is innovation 9. In this stage, the idea that is developed conflicts with the existing idea and which leads to the adoption of the new idea or rather invention.

The third stage comprise of the growth stage under which Napster was able to grow not only within the NortheasternUniversity but world. Finally, Napster had to go through the final stage which is maturation Hardin 9.

An introduction to the napster software

This was a critical stage for Napster as it faced a lot of challenges from the music industry due to copyright issues. As a result, it had to renovate itself into a different product that faced little challenges and resistance from the general society.

Apart from going through these stages of development, one of the greatest issues that have remained as headlines in many media products and that completely transformed the face of Napster is the issue of music copyright and piracy.

The ability to copy and distribute without restriction the MP3s files that were shared on Napster aroused the anger of the Music industry leading to a file of different cases.

It was found out that the Recording Industry Association of America sued Napster for creating an opportunity that enabled consumers to directly violate copyright laws for financial benefits. Additionally, the rock band named Mettalica also filed a case against Napster arguing that it was not getting royals from its music due to the ability of the customers to find their music online through Napster.The term Napster passed, of course, to the piece of software Fanning was coding.

Working on a borrowed PC in his uncle's Massachusetts office, sleeping in a nearby utility cupboard in order to conduct days-long programming sessions, Fanning had a finished product by the spring of If you have been using the old player (Napster 5), and you download and use the new player Napster 6), it doesn’t replace the old player – you can use one or both simultaneously.

The icons for the players are somewhat similar, but there are two different version of the software. While the original Napster got sued out of business, dozens of free file-sharing utilities have popped up to task its place.

Find out how the old Napster worked and why it was vulnerable to legal attacks. As Napster looks for a CEO, Yosi Amram, an early investor, calls Eileen Richardson, a venture capitalist thinking about leaving the investment world, to tell her about the intriguing new piece of software.

Napster has been under fire from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), who interprets Napster as copyright-infringement software. But, because the MP3 files do not reside on Napster's servers, nor does Napster charge a fee for the service, critics .

There are various issues that enabled Napster to flourish as a company and software. In reference to Hardin (), the information age led to the development of personal computers that was then followed by the introduction of the internet for home usage (8).

An introduction to the napster software
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