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Book editing services australia post

I wrote a book! I was buoyed by your confidence in me and I thought it sounded super cool to be an author. Or that no one would read it. I am hard on myself and I expect to get things right the first time.

I will tell you that, with the guidance and support of my fabulous editor at HarperCollins, I re-wrote the first chapter of this book no less than 17 times. And those are the times I remember. Every single chapter in the book, in fact, was either completely thrown in the digital trash and re-written or heavily, HEAVILY edited by me.

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Babywoods 1 reading at our local library This was a humbling process and one that, I hope, made me a better writer.

Since I write all the time, both for Frugalwoods and in freelance capacities, I went into writing my book with the naive assumption that it would be easy. Allow me to tell you right now how very, very, very wrong I was.

It took me for-freaking-ever to write this book. I kept blowing past deadlines and needing to re-write and re-do.

book editing services australia post

But instead of staying under that leaf of moping self-doubt, I wrote more. I wrote through tears, I wrote while inhaling cheese and carrots, I wrote while listening to Babywoods 1 play with Mr.

FW in the next room. But I did not stop writing. My self-doubting side still questions. And if I fail at those big things? If everyone hates my book? At least I will have tried.

At least I will have done something. You have to cling firmly to your beliefs, to what brings you joy, and you have to go for it.

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Of course, those words have long since been re-written, but I had to start somewhere. Frugalwoods, we want the details! Does This Book Cost Money? Frugal Hound with her copy of the book Yes, this book costs money. This book, however, is not. What does pre-order mean? If you pre-order, or order, my book by March 13,and send me a proof of your purchase commonly known as a receiptI will mail you a signed bookplate.

This bookplate will be signed by me! And mailed by me! FW or I will put your bookplate in an envelope, take it to our local post office, and send it your way. I took a picture of one and included it at right for your handy dandy reference.Find Scribendi editing and proofreading services that match your requirements using our search system.

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If you want to hire (or be) an editor, it is important to know the difference between what different kinds of editors do. There are developmental or substantive editors, assignment editors, story editors, production editors, photo editors, line editors, copyeditors, and proofreaders, among other specialties?

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