Charles drew biography report

At Charles Drew University, Dr. Born in Egypt, Dr. Ghoneum, earned his Ph.

Charles drew biography report

June 3, in Washington, D. April 1, Burlington, North Carolina Best known for: Research into the storage of blood and large-scale blood banks Biography: Charles Drew was an African-American doctor and scientist in the early s. His work on blood storage and blood banks helped to save thousands of lives during World War II.

Where did Charles Drew grow up? He grew up in a racially mixed neighborhood of Washington, Charles drew biography report. His father worked in the carpet industry where he earned a nice middle-class living. Education and Sports Charles' main interest in school was sports.

He was a standout athlete in many sports including football, basketball, track, and baseball. After high school, Charles attended Amherst College where he received a scholarship to play sports. Medical School During college Charles became interested in medicine.

While attending medical school Charles became interested in the qualities of blood and how blood transfusions worked.

Only a few years earlier, an Austrian doctor named Karl Landsteiner had discovered blood types.

Charles S. Drew, Military person • Biography & Facts

In order for a blood transfusion to work, the blood types needed to match. Charles graduated from medical school in He finished second in his class.

Charles drew biography report

He later did graduate work at Columbia University where he became the first African-American to earn a Doctor of Medical Science degree. Researching Blood As a doctor and a researcher, Charles' main passion was blood transfusions.

At the time, medical science did not have a good way of preserving blood. Blood needed to be fresh, and this made it very difficult to find the right blood type when a transfusion was needed.

Charles studied blood and its different properties. Scientists soon learned that blood plasma, the liquid portion of blood, could be preserved more easily and then used for transfusions.

Charlene Drew Jarvis - Wikipedia Charles Richard Drew June 3, - April 1, was an American medical doctor and surgeon who started the idea of a blood bank and a system for the long-term preservation of blood plasma he found that plasma kept longer than whole blood.

They also discovered that plasma could be dried to make it easier to ship. Charles used this research to develop ways to mass produce blood plasma.

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Charles worked with the British on the "Blood for Britain" program to help them develop a blood bank for the war. He then helped to develop the blood bank for the American Red Cross. Charles worked as the director for the American Red Cross blood bank until he was told to separate white people's blood from black people's blood.

He strongly disagreed with this order. He told the US War Department that "there is absolutely no scientific basis to indicate any difference in human blood from race to race.

Death and Legacy Charles Drew died from internal injuries after a car accident on April 1, He was only 45 years old, but accomplished much and saved many lives through his research efforts into blood. Interesting Facts about Dr. His parents taught him early to always do the best he could do. They often repeated the saying "Dream high" when talking about his career goals and aspirations.

He married Lenore Robbins in A biography of the surgeon who conducted research on the properties and preservation of blood plasma and was a leader in establishing blood banks.

Read More Read Less. I feel that the recent ruling of the United States Army and Navy regarding the refusal of colored blood donors is an indefensible one from any point of view. Watch video · During World War II, African-American doctor Charles Drew pioneered many of today's advancements in blood research and transfusion.

Charles R Drew University of Medicine and Science has received 1 reviews on % of reviewers would recommend this school, and % thought the . Historical biographies written for kids. Learn the life story and biography of influencial people: US Presidents, World Leaders, Inventors, Women, Artists, Civil Rights heroes. Charles Drew was born on June 3, in Washington, D.C., the child of Richard and Nora Drew and oldest of five children. Richard was a carpet layer and served as the financial secretary of the Carpet, Linoleum, and Soft-Tile Layers Union.

April 1, June 3, - Born to Richard Drew and Nora Burrell. Born and raised in the city (Washington D.C.) Was the only boy out of four children. Dr. Charles Richard Drew: American Inventor.

Drew () was an American medical doctor and surgeon who started the idea of a blood bank and a system for the long-term preservation of blood plasma (he found that plasma kept longer than whole blood). Charles Stewart Drew (also known as C.

S. Drew) was a representative in the legislature of the Oregon Territory of the United States and quartermaster general of the territorial militia in the s.

During the American Civil War, he was a Union Army of.

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