Crossing the threshold

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Crossing the threshold

In our introductory blog on threshold situations, we spoke of situations faced by studentsprofessionalshome maker-turned-professionals and the situation where we cross the threshold of marriage. Image management is the last thing that comes to our mind when we think of a convict.

But, the relevance of image management in helping us cross threshold situations smoothly becomes crystal clear when we see how it helps convicts turn into ex-convicts with long-term success. Not if you get things right.

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Tihar may have got it right in some ways, at least to some individuals. Governments all over the word struggle with the subject of successful re-entry of Crossing the threshold into the mainstream. They offer education and vocational training since ex-convicts who find jobs are far less likely to regress to their old lives and return to prison.

Many prisoners take advantage of the opportunities as these raise their likelihood of gaining employment. Yet, once they step outside, they find that the balance is tilted against them even before they begin.

Crossing the threshold

Because ex-convicts in the mainstream are contending with Crossing the threshold more than just lack of technical skills. And they fail to cross this threshold successfully.

An organisation run by a Father for ex-convicts came to his rescue and VW was later placed within the organisation.

The two things that ex-convicts need to get them back on their feet are a job and a home. Mainstream individuals themselves struggle to find a decent job.

Ex-convicts find it harder. The longer their incarceration, the more different their personal, emotional, social skills are — more tuned towards prison culture and vastly different from mainstream demands.

They have just been released from a highly structured and socially isolated environment, monitored closely with little privacy and had lived to a different set of values. These factors alter their psychology during prison time where they may have chosen to lie low or to respond with aggression to defend themselves.

While generalisations cannot be made, there are emotional changes with possible withdrawal, isolation, sense of alienation, diminished sense of self-worth and personal value among others. On release, they enter the mainstream environment which is the complete opposite, turning it into one of the most challenging thresholds to cross.

Now, they need the skills to regulate themselves, including their time and they need independent decision-making skills. They face personal, social and structural challenges with little ability to cope with these by themselves.

Recognising this need, organisations working with prison inmates and helping them re-enter the world, offer guidance in handling interviews and in responding to questions related to their background while helping them get placed. Image Management offers that and much more.

It takes a holistic approach to getting prisoners ready for life outside. In case of ex-convicts, where they have to unlearn the prison learning and relearn how to approach the new world, image management can make all the difference, giving them back their confidence and strengthening their chances of crossing the threshold and making it safe to the other side.

First and foremost, it rebuilds self-respect within the prisoners and helps realign their inner and outer selves in a way that can alter prejudice and negative perceptions of potential employers. It helps prisoners create positive first impressions and these impressions are critical in helping potential employers overcome their resistance to employing an ex-convict.

Unfortunately, the first impressions they had been making in prison are of a different sort — with uniform clothing and groomingdifferent body language and vocal communication — which are more tuned to a prison than to the mainstream.

Image Management helps them bridge this gap between the culture of prison and that of the mainstream world. It helps prisoners unlearn their past culture and adapt themselves to a new culture. These studies have also shown how these impressions stand the test of longer interactions.

Crossing the Threshold

So the premise that given enough time you can impress the stranger with your skills, competence and diligence may have little truth in it. Our advice is, create a powerful positive first impression within the first few seconds. Spend the rest of the interaction reinforcing it. It takes all but a few seconds.

Image Management manages this by helping prisoners consciously manage the 4 elements of image management — clothing, grooming, body language and vocal communication. In addition to these elements, which are critical in making a first impression, additional inputs in terms of presentationpromotion of oneself and enhanced soft skills help the prisoners carry an effective professional presence.“Once you have crossed the threshold, if it really is your adventure – it is a journey that is appropriate to your deep spiritual need or readiness – helpers will come along the way to provide magical aid.

this may be some little wood sprite or wise man or fairy godmother or animal that comes. Marsha Smiley is a dedicated volunteer in the Fort Wayne and Allen County, Indiana community.

Crossing the threshold

She is an active member of the African/African American Historical Society & Museum board of directors as well as serving on the Allen County-Fort Wayne Historical Society governing board.

This choice represented an enormous threshold crossing for Campbell and exemplifies the spirit of his philosophy: Follow your bliss.

From –, Campbell rented a shack in Woodstock, New York where he read on average 9 hours per day. Crossing the threshold of faith.

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Crossing the threshold means that the hero leaves his or her's ordinary world and begins the adventure. Accepting one's fears is very important in this stage because a .

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