Ethnic conflict northern ireland essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Additional issues must also be addressed, including the process of demonization, comparative religion, profiles of the leaders involved in representation of these groups, multiculturalism and culture, the use of different languages, influential political parties, sources of ethnic conflict, political and government policy, the progress in terms of the peace process, and responsible public debate. Joseph Ruane and Jennifer Todd have researched the topic and have identified five separate dimensions relative to the likely sources of conflict.

Ethnic conflict northern ireland essay

Partition almost always creates as well as solves problems, leaving minorities on both sides of the border. If the world is to become a place of peace and plenty for all people, strategies that bring us together need to take priority over those that divide us.

Partition builds barriers, not bridges. Partition may sometimes be necessary as a pragmatic strategy to avoid bloodshed but a partitioned world will not be able to make our planet a common home, so that it becomes a shared not a contested space.

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Since Henry VIII of England 's conversion to Protestantism and restoration of English power over Ireland, a process of settling Protestants began and of privileging Protestants economically and politically began.

By the beginning of the eighteenth century, 90 percent of all land in Ireland belonged to Protestants. While Protestants were a small minority in the South they became a majority in the North.

Regarding Catholics as modern-day Canaanitesmany Ulster Scots believed that Ireland was their promised land and that they should separate themselves from the Catholics as the children of Israel did from the Canaanites. The Catholics, like the Canaanites, were a like "snares and traps. There were powerful Irish Peers in the House of Lords.

Politically, supporters of union became known as Loyalists and as Unionists. Infaced by what many Northern Irish Unionists feared was a bill that would become law, a majority of the population signed the Covenant men and the Declaration women.

The men pledged to defend their "equal citizenship" within the United Kingdom and that they would not recognize any Parliament forced upon them while the women pledged to support the men.

What Protestants feared that a free Ireland would be dominated by Catholics at their cost.

Ethnic conflict northern ireland essay

However, after World War I and the Easter Rising Britain needed to rid itself of what many called the "Irish problem" constant rebellion and the cost of governing a country that did not want to be ruled.

Finally, a Government of Ireland Act was poised to become law. The original intend had been to grant self-government to the whole island but protest from the North and the threat of violence resulted in what was effectively a partition plan.

The South did not formally agree to partition, indeed Britain did not consult the whole people of Ireland on this issue and refused to take Ireland's case to the Paris Peace Conference even though the rights of small states and the right to self-determination was within its remit.

On May 3, the Government of Ireland Act partitioned the island into two autonomous regions Northern Ireland six northeastern counties and Southern Ireland the rest of the island.

Afterwards, institutions and a government for Northern Ireland were quickly established. That war ultimately led to the Anglo-Irish Treaty which envisaged the establishment of an independent Dominion, the Irish Free State, provisionally for the entire island of Ireland.

That Act established, on 6 Decemberthe new Dominion for the whole island of Ireland. As such, on 6 DecemberNorthern Ireland stopped being part of the United Kingdom and became an autonomous region of the newly created Irish Free State.

However, the Treaty and the laws which implemented it also allowed Northern Ireland to opt out of the Irish Free State. Realistically, it was always certain that Northern Ireland would opt out and rejoin the United Kingdom.

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If the Parliament of Northern Ireland had not made such a declaration, under Article 14 of the Treaty Northern Ireland, its Parliament and government would have continued in being but the Oireachtas would have had jurisdiction to legislate for Northern Ireland in matters not delegated to Northern Ireland under the Government of Ireland Act.

This, of course, never came to pass. The "Irish Problem" from In the United Kingdom general election, the nationalist Irish Parliamentary Party won the balance of power in the House of Commonsin an alliance with the Liberals. Immediately an Ulster Unionist Party was founded and organized violent demonstrations in Belfast against the bill, fearing that separation from the United Kingdom would bring industrial decline and religious intolerance.

Home Rule is Rome Rule. Although the bill was defeated, Gladstone remained undaunted and introduced a Second Irish Home Rule Bill in that, on this occasion, passed the Commons. Accompanied by similar massed Unionist protests, Joseph Chamberlain called for a separate provincial government for Ulster even before the bill was rejected by the House of Lords.

The seriousness of the situation was highlighted when Irish Unionists throughout the island assembled conventions in Dublin and Belfast to oppose the bill and the proposed partition [8]. The unheeded Unionist protests of and flared up as before, not unexpectedly.

With the protective veto of the Lords removed, Ulster armed their Ulster Volunteers in to oppose enactment of the bill and what they called its "Coercion of Ulster," threatening to establish a Provisional Ulster Government. Nationalists and Republicans remained disinterested in Unionist's concerns, brushed aside their defiance as bluff, saying that Ulster would have no choice except to follow.

Background The Home Rule Act reached the statute books with Royal Assent in September but was suspended on the outbreak of World War I for one year or for the duration of what was expected to be a short war.Debates over ethnic nationalism and the proper means of resolving ethnic conflict frame my paper, which examines the dynamics of conflict in both Cyprus and Northern Ireland.

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A HISTORY OF CONFLICT The history of the people of Ireland, particularly in Northern Ireland, has been a very unsettling one which has existed for many centuries .

Will immigration demolish in decades a nation built over centuries?

the nature of the northern ireland conflict As in all instances of ethnic conflict, the definition of the Northern Ireland “problem” lies in the eye of the beholder.

Jun 02,  · SOCIAL STUDIES – Multi-Ethnic Conflicts in Sri Lanka and Northern Ireland Posted in Division of Humanities (Social Studies) by horizonedu This topic is taught in Secondary 3 Social Studies.

The Conflict in Northern Ireland Essay examples - The Conflict in Northern Ireland The conflict in Northern Ireland is in many ways a paradox.

The region has adequate resources and, although it has been a rather marginal area of the British Isles, is nonetheless quite affluent compared to .

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