Fm perfume business plan

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Fm perfume business plan

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It is due to this fact that we have drafted several competitive advantage strategies that will ensure that we not only compete favorably with our competitors in the same field but that we achieve our goals and objectives as well. One of our first competitive advantages is to ensure that we employ only those who have the experience and the necessary capability in working in and running a perfume production business.

Another competitive advantage is also in ensuring that our staffs work in the best possible environment, while also having one of the best welfare packages required in the business. We would make sure that we also reward hard work by promoting staffs as at when due so as to improve their overall productivity rate.

We intend to ensure that our customer service is second to none and so we intend to employ professionals who not only have a vast knowledge of the perfume industry but are also equipped with listening ears and an attention span that would ensure that all customers are patiently attended to.

Lastly, we know how important technology is in this age and so we intend to ensure that our official website as well as social media platforms are active and engaging to our existing as well as well as potential customers. Knowing the market well, we intend to ensure that our fragrance line caters to all segment of the market as we intend to produce perfumes for men and women of different age groups.

Alba Pure Fragrance Perfume Production LLC intends to generate its income through sales from the following sources; Production and sale of pure perfumes Production and sale of Eau de Parfum Production and sale of Eau de Toilette Production and sale of Eau de Cologne Business consultancy and advisory services Trainings Franchise Sales Forecast Due to the fact that people would always want to smell good no matter the occasion, this therefore means that there will always be a demand for perfumes.

After a critical evaluation of the perfume industry, we have found that we are strategically located in Los Angeles and that this would allow us meet and even exceed our target of generating enough revenue to cover our operating and overhead expenses within the course of a year.

The information for the analysis were gathered in Los Angeles and in major parts of the United States and used statistics from start-ups especially those in the perfume industry. Therefore we can safely say that the sales projection below for Alba Pure Fragrance Perfume Production LLC is accurate based on certain factors such as our location and our products line: Any slight change in these factors might result in a higher or lower change in figures.

Marketing Strategy and Sales Strategy Marketing is a very important aspect of any business because without it your wonderful business is likely to crash, especially as marketing helps generates revenue to help make the business a going concern. It is therefore important that effective marketing strategies are drafted so as to help shore up revenue base for the company.

Before marketing strategies can be drafted, a market survey is necessary so as the necessary information can be garnered that will help produce sound strategies.

The intention of marketing strategies is to ensure that our perfume products and other services that are likely to be offered meet with the needs of our customers, whilst also maintaining our sustainability and expansion goals and objectives. Our strategies are also flexible enough so as to be able to accommodate changing customer trends and lifestyles.

Our marketing strategy intends to help serve a dual purpose which is to ensure that our brand is identified and the benefits of our products and services communicated to our customers both existing and potential. Engaging in these two acts help increase the awareness of potential customers about the business, increase the retention rate of existing customers, and also make more money for the company as a whole.

Alba Pure Fragrance Perfume Production LLC intends to compete favorably with other leading brands in the industry and so all efforts will be made during publicity to achieve this aim.

Our location is deliberately in Los Angeles because not only are there favorable laws to aid start-ups but the state is positioned in to reach all over the United States and has favorable shipping laws and regulations towards shipping to other countries.

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We however will intensify publicity so as to be known in Los Angeles and thrive there, before venturing out to other states in the United States. We intend to strongly communicate our brand through publicity. The various platforms that will be adopted to effectively communicate and advertize our brand are: We would ensure that our pricing packages are categorized so that it would be affordable to the clients that fall into that category.

Also, our pricing will be determined by the size of the products we intend to sell.

fm perfume business plan

This does not mean that we would set a price that will not allow us compete favorably in the market against our competitors. We will during the first few months of production strive to ensure that we sell at a lower price than what our competitors in Los Angeles would be offering to their customers, this is so as to be able to attract the required customers that we would need to us.

Payment Options Alba Pure Fragrance Perfume Production LLC intends to ensure that it brings forth a payment policy that will suit the different classes and levels of clients in a bid to ensure that customers do not get inconvenienced whenever they decide to pay for a product.Starter Kits Just £ gets you started with FM group UK.

For this you receive an FM perfume and fragrance starter kit containing 20 perfumes and fragrance samples a price list of products, registration form and a few catalogues to begin your business. Feb 15,  · Video Part 3 on FM Perfumes.

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Compensation Plan of FM perfumes Home Business Opportunity PerfumePartyPeople. FM WORLD Pure perfume #myFMfav.

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fm perfume business plan
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