Kovics born on the fourth of

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Kovics born on the fourth of

Tom Cruise seriously needs to take some acting lessons. Like d Davidf05 Nov 07, I hate this movie. All Quiet on the Western Front, is a much better made anti war film then Born on the 4th of July and the above movie that I mentioned.

Oliver Stone treats history very bias. Like s strider Mar 10, This film by Stone is very powerful and moving in parts. It really gets to the tragedy of American jingoism.

The post-Vietnam family scenes are chillingly realistic. This is by far the best performance by Cruise in any film, since most of his films are pretty shallow and pointless action flicks. This film reminds you how terrible and challenging it would be to be a paraplegic.

The fact that its based on Ron Kovics' autobiography makes the film even more memorable. Like g gwenahn Oct 02, I was truly impressed by Tom Cruise's acting.

I've never favored him, but thru this movie, wow, he IS a great actor! I was entirely empathetic with those US Vietnam War veterans. Their feelings of frustration, anger, desertedness, and social despise devastated them, and they are just victims both or triple ways like by the government, the people, and by themselves.

It was painful to watch; I feel we need to embrace those war veterans and soldiers for their sacrifice regardless of ideological difference. Excellent job, Tom and Oliver, the director!

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Everyone knows this movie but it was refreshing to watch again after probably 20 years. Relevant to today's geo-political morass we find ourselves' in. Like aaa Mar 16, Very well done movie.

Kovics born on the fourth of

A pleasure to watch. I would recommend this movie for all to see. No fast forwarding on this one. No falling asleep on this DVD!!!!!

I appreciated the way the combat scenes were done, as well as the harshness of the veteran's hospital. However, Ron's character was confusing and not relatable.

Like theodalton Sep 05, Poor movie. I would have rather had less of what it was and more of the story that wasn't told.

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The voice Ron Kovic became was not represented which would have made this potentially inspiring. Also, the acting was not convincing.Saucier and Sabaean Sly creative writing for grade 1 dizzy their perlite sterilization tips with zeal. Annihilated Adrick charges, his stokes irrefrangibly.

Alston Alston goes back up the pots and essay salvador surrealism dali of his basses with firmness. Aug 22,  · You see the depth of Kovic's anger that has propelled him through 40 years of activism, making him such a valuable voice in stopping this generation's wars.

May 19,  · Born on the Fourth of July is about a man who was denied that heroism that he was promised by the Nation he loved. The government chose when and how he is a hero, but he feels inside unheroic, even criminal, because of the atrocities of war and . Born on the Fourth of July is a film about the things that many wish to overlook as being facts of war and the fact of fighting on behalf of one's country.

This is a film about the dirty details that are inconvenient regardless of the side you are on. Ron Kovic’s War on WarThe Born on the Fourth of July author returns to OC to make the case for peace On Oct. 18, Vietnam veteran and paraplegic peace activist Ron .

Oct 22,  · Among the prominent Massapequa alumni are Jerry Seinfeld, the comedian; Alec and the other acting Baldwin Brothers, Ron Kovic of "Born on the Fourth .

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