Playbooks and checkbooks


Playbooks and checkbooks

In conjunction with Amazon, World Soccer Talk brings you a comprehensive list of the top 18 football books on the beautiful game. At the foot of each book entry is a link to purchase the book from Amazon, as well as a a link for you to participate in a book discussion group. I encourage each of you who have read any of the books listed below, or who are currently reading them, to post questions, observations and book reviews so that the entire World Soccer Talk reader community can participate.

Plus, you can listen to interviews with some of the authors below as they discuss their book and other intelligent football topics.

Here are the top 20 recommended football books: The Damned Utd by David Peace. Leeds United, home to a generation of fiercely competitive but aging players. It will be how the team adapts to the challenges it now faces that will decide more than Cup wins or Championships could.

Read the book review. Bloody Confused by Chuck Culpepper.


In the throes of becoming jaded and cynical about the American sportswriting scene, Culpepper, a London-based Los Angeles Times journalist covering European sporting events, writes about the internationally known Premiership soccer league and its overzealous fans.

The rough-and tumble British soccer sport quickly captivates Culpepper, who wrote on American sports for 15 years, as he learns the rivalries between the fans and teams such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Portsmouth. Listen to the podcast interview with Chuck Culpepper.

The Fix by Declan Hill.

Playbooks and checkbooks

The Fix is the most explosive story of sports corruption in a generation. Intriguing, riveting, and compelling, it tells the story of an investigative journalist who sets out to examine the world of match-fixing in professional soccer.

Inverting The Pyramid by Jonathan Wilson. Soccer fans love to argue about the tactics a manager puts into play, and this fascinating study traces the world history of tactics, from modern pioneers right back to the beginning, where chaos reigned. With the growing popularity of soccer in North America, McGinniss has written the rags-to-riches story of how an Italian soccer team, Castel di Sangro from the Abruzzi region, rose through the ranks from the very bottom Terza Categoria to the Serie BAa remarkable feat.

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The journey documents the trials and tribulations surrounding a professional sports team. The global power of soccer might be a little hard for Americans, living in a country that views the game with the same skepticism used for the metric system and the threat of killer bees, to grasp fully.

But in Europe, South America, and elsewhere, soccer is not merely a pastime but often an expression of the social, economic, political, and racial composition of the communities that host both the teams and their throngs of enthusiastic fans.

Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby. Fever Pitch is not a typical memoir—there are no chapters, just a series of match reports falling into three time frames childhood, young adulthood, manhood. While watching the May 2,Reading v. Arsenal match, it became embarrassingly obvious to the then year-old that his white, suburban, middle-class roots made him a wimp with no sense of identity: The Ball Is Round: There may be no cultural practice more global than soccer.

Rites of birth and marriage are infinitely diverse, but the rules of soccer are universal. No world religion can match its geographical scope. The single greatest simultaneous human collective experience is the World Cup final.In hierdie artikel ondersoek Steve Cornelius of mediaregte in sport inderdaad bestaan en, indien wel, wat die aard en omvang van hierdie regte is en in wie hulle vestig.

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