Pro waterboarding essay

Pro Waterboarding creates no physical pain, does no bodily harm and results in no lasting damage.

Pro waterboarding essay

Discreet government and military liaisons. He asked them where the bomb was. The terrorists—highly dedicated and steeled to resist interrogation—remained silent So Thomas took his pistol from his gun belt, pointed it at the forehead of one of them, and shot him dead. The other two, he said, talked immediately; the bomb, which had been placed in a crowded railway station and set to explode during the evening Pro waterboarding essay hour, was found and defused, and countless lives were saved.

In this compelling ticking-bomb scenario, terrorists give up their secrets in a timely manner to escape immediate pain or death, a causal pattern I label the animal instinct Pro waterboarding essay.

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Ancient Greek courts placed great faith in testimony obtained through torture of slaves. As explained by neurologist Lawrence Hinkle, who examined Korean War veterans after communist "brain-washing": Any circumstance that impairs the function of the brain potentially affects the ability to give information as well as the ability to withhold it.

In particular, the interrogation fails if the terrorist loses consciousness before revealing his plans. Assistance of Health Professionals in Torture Interrogation Routine participation of medical personnel in state-sponsored torture interrogation has been documented worldwide.

Medical professionals determine the types of torture a person can endure, monitor the person for endurance under torture, resuscitate the person, treat the person to prepare for further torture, and administer non-therapeutic drugs.

Pro waterboarding essay

To cover up torture, physicians falsify health certificates, autopsy reports, and death certificates. Americas manual, call for the services of physicians and psychiatrists. Government-sponsored torture generates deep conflicts within medical communities and between governments and their medical communities.

In Turkey physicians have falsified evidence of torture in post-detention medical examinations, to the dismay of their patient-oriented colleagues. Government authorities demanded patient lists and brought physicians to trial for criticizing the government.

Turkish physicians are harassed, arrested, and even tortured, as regularly reported in international medical journals.

The challenges will be intense in some specialties, such as military medicine [17] and forensic medicine. Judging from the experience of other countries, similar turmoil might be anticipated in clinical psychology, law, and journalism.

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The Cognitive Failure Model of Truth Telling A greater obstacle to torture interrogation than bodily frailty of the subject is the mental resistance of fanatics, martyrs, and heroes to coercion. She had personally killed 32 Turkish National Police officers Trying to obtain intelligence out of one of the most violent people on earth is a bit of trouble She screamed, spat, kicked, ripped up her holding facility, refused to talk She tried to cut her wrists with a plastic knife; she ran full force with her head onto the wall.

She threw feces at all of us. She was between the car and the ground when they fired 32 rounds into her, which was one hell of a hard shot to make Modern psychology maps the intractability of the psyche. In general, people tend to react against those who constrain their freedom of action reactance theory, [23] for instance, by substituting untraceable acts of sabotage.

People tend to become more dogmatic and tenacious in their belief systems when reminded of their mortality terror management theory. This lack of information and knowledge is all the more astounding in that Himmler's men employed every means to extract confessions Moreover all forms of torture were used without hesitation The animal instinct model ultimately fails because the physiological experience of pain is mediated by individual and cultural interpretation.

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As understood by contemporary criminal psychology, overwhelming physical and mental stress create a state of disorientation in which the subject is unable to maintain a position of self-interest and becomes suggestible or compliant under interrogation. Absent self-will, the accused was presumed to expose the truth in involuntary testimony or nonverbal signs.

Further, it demands a corps of trained torturers to apply the precision torture technology. I explore these two institutional requirements next.

Pro waterboarding essay

Biomedical Research for Torture Interrogation Twentieth Century researchers developed numerous techniques to induce disorientation: Supreme Court ruled that the identities should not be revealed for security reasons. The "war on terrorism" has produced a related research strategy.Waterboarding is Torture Essay - A patrol team from the 1st Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division is responsible for searching suspected insurgent hideouts, capturing enemy combatants and bringing them in for questioning.

INTERPRETATION AND THE CONTINUING STRUGGLE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS Daniel Kanstroom* This essay is the first part of a larger attempt to analyze the deep legal and ethical waterboarding questions also involve core ideas and methodologies of human rights and law. What Makes Waterboarding Torture?

Essay - Why Waterboarding is Torture The US Reservations of the UN Convention against Torture defines torture as “any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining information from a person.” [tags: Pro Human Torture Essays.

Of course, it is a line that the pro-torture side cling to with increasing desperation, because if it turns out that waterboarding really was little help, then its advocates are merely grinning, clapping idiots, inflicting terrible suffering for no material gain.

WATERBOARDING ARGUMENT AND REBUTTAL Waterboarding Argument and Rebuttal Bryant Slevin, Donald Harvey, Sean Cadet, Jason Huskey, Kimberly Massender BSS/ July 25, Samuel Alexander Pro Argument of Waterboarding Terrorism is a demeanor and lifestyle of death%(5).

Background Information on Waterboarding We have provided some contextual information on waterboarding and its history in United States civilian and military courts, as well as international courts participated in by the United States.

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