Research papers on islamic economics

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Research papers on islamic economics


It is part of the Islamic fundamentalist movement that is quickly gaining ground in many of the Islamic countries. The defeat of the Arab countries in the six-day war against Israel is said to have boosted Islamic fundamentalism. Many thought this defeat to be a punishment from God Allah for turning away from Him and embracing foreign Western, ideologies.

Bjorvatn, They were inherently opposed to the basic Islamic principles. As such, they were unable to resolve the problems that the Muslim world faced.

In response to this, the fundamentalists urged a return the Islamic law Shariawhich they believed would solve all their difficulties, both social and economic. Islamic economics emerged as part of the Islamic resurgence, which was an effort to cut off all ties to the social, economic, political and cultural heritage inflicted on Muslim countries by the Western colonial powers sramek.

This paper will explain the history of Islamic economics, the Islamic banking system and its impact in the present world economy both in Islamic and non- Islamic countries.

The concept of Islamic economics has been gradually attracting attention since its inception.

Research papers on islamic economics

Its fastest growing segment has been Islamic banking. In addition to this, it is vital to point out that Islamic banks are not only confined to Muslim countries. Currently, even large Western banks offer services that are compliant to the Sharia law.

The message to revert to sharia law had great appeal due to widespread unemployment, poverty and inequality.

Many Islamic scholars have attributed the economic success to the high moral standards among the people in those days as well as religious inspiration Current literature on Islamic economies focuses on Islamic institutions and financial instruments.

This tends to give an impression that the disparity between Islamic and conventional economics is in the instruments as opposed to the foundational aspect Aydin, However, Islamic economics is not limited to the prohibition of specific services, rather, it is a vastly different economic system.

It attempts to answer core economic questions in a different and unique but understandable way. This explains why it is has been widely accepted even by non- Muslim individuals.

The end of the last century marked the fall of all socialist regimes ushering free market capitalism into Europe as the dominant system the world over. The financial crisis was the worst one recorded after the Great Depression.

Several years later, the world is still reeling from its effects and is trying to recover. With the crisis, many questioned the future of capitalism. Aydin considers the financial crisis to be quintessentially a moral crisis dating back to the Enlightenment period. It explains that supply and demand if molded by self- absorbed human nature may be sufficient to resolve most if not all of the economic problems experienced in a said society.

The anti-thesis of capitalism was communism.

Research papers on islamic economics

However, it failed because it misconstrued human nature. Thus, it established its practicalities on collective ownership that killed the individual incentive that drove capitalism. Communism considered religion as poison for the masses and instead attempted to create a considerate society solely based on secular values.

Eventually, the system collapsed due to its paradoxical ideologies. With the recent financial crisis, there is a need for an alternate paradigm.

Islamic economics may just be this alternative if it can go beyond the existing frame of conventional economics. However, for it to be a suitable alternative, it may have to contradict the existing frameworks.

Islamic economics has to offer new and appropriate techniques for it to be widely acceptable.Writing Tips For Economics Research Papers Plamen Nikolov, Harvard University y June 10, 1 General Tips about Writing Style When I read your term papers, I look for your ability to motivate your question using economic.


Islamic Economic Studies (IES) is published biannually, in the months of Muharram and Rajab, according to the Islamic Hijra calendar. Islamic Economic Studies is a refereed journal that maintains high academic. Good Topics for Economic Research Papers: Current Problems You Can Analyze Selecting a topic for a research paper often proves harder than writing the paper itself.

Economics is a vast and interesting subject. Singapore August Event. International conference on Organizational Behavior,HR and Social Science Innovation Research economics, econometrics, education, information technology, Islamic finance and Sharia, law, management, marketing, social business and multidisciplinary.

The conference welcomes empirical research as well . The Islamic Research and Training Institute, Jeddah. The International Association of Islamic Economics. Call for Papers.

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At a time when the world seeks novel solutions to the latest global economic and financial crisis, which was due predominantly to the financialisation process involving the proliferation of securitisation and new financial.

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