Ten canoes cloudstreet study notes

A primal adventure story about forbidden love, sorcery, fear of strangers, and justice that proves that a tale well told is good medicine for all.

Ten canoes cloudstreet study notes

Ten Canoes | Film Reviews | Films | Spirituality & Practice What does it teach us about what it means to The prescribed text for our class is the film Ten Canoes, directed by Rolf de Heer.
Film as Text: Ten Canoes | Cinema Autopsy Posted on November 2, by biancah80 The prescribed text for our class is the film Ten Canoes, directed by Rolf de Heer.
Topic: Ten Canoes Essay – | Eddie West This article discusses the theatrical version of Ten Canoes containing Yolngu language with English subtitles and English narration by David Gulpilil.

Representation and Text Introduction This document has been produced for the teachers and candidates of the Stage 6 course in English Standard and English Advanced.

It contains comments on candidate responses to the Higher School Ten canoes cloudstreet study notes examinations, indicating the quality of the responses and highlighting their relative strengths and weaknesses. This document should be read in conjunction with the relevant syllabus, the Higher School Certificate examinations, the marking guidelines and other support documents developed by the Board of Studies to assist in the teaching and learning in English Standard and English Advanced courses.

However, candidates should also be aware that not all questions will start with or contain one of the key words from the glossary. English Standard and English Advanced Paper 1 — Area of Study Section I General comments Candidates demonstrated a clear understanding of the length required for each question and this translated into more effective responses across the paper as a whole.

Ten canoes cloudstreet study notes

Question 1 In better responses, candidates selected an aspect of the visual text and explained clearly how it offered a perspective on belonging. Some candidates struggled to adequately explain how the perspective was presented through the visual text. In strong responses, candidates showed a clear grasp of the way or ways personal insights into belonging to places were conveyed in the transcript.

Weaker responses tended to focus on personal insights into belonging without discussing how that insight was conveyed. Conversely other candidates discussed how meaning was conveyed without identifying an insight.

Ten canoes cloudstreet study notes

Weaker responses relied heavily on paraphrasing and retelling. Stronger responses dealt with the dual concepts of place and identity and supported this with effective references to both texts. Weaker responses dealt superficially with the texts and relied upon description rather than analysis.

These candidates struggled to develop the relationship between place and identity. Section II Question 2 In better responses, candidates used language appropriate to their chosen form of creative writing. The interpretation of place was often metaphorical which allowed for a broad representation of place.

These responses were well crafted and evocative, displaying originality and artistry and the mechanics of language were applied skilfully. In sound responses, candidates were often more literal in their representation of place.

Ten Canoes by Rolf de Heer - HSC English Advanced Module C

In these responses, the mechanics of language was controlled and writing structure was appropriate to form. Weaker responses tended to lack structural direction, were simplistic and inconsistent in their representation of place and mentioned belonging in a literal manner.

Flawed mechanics of language was usually a feature of these responses. Memorised, pre-prepared responses and responses to questions from past papers featured at this level. Other candidates offered the view that a connection to place alone was not the sole determinant of belonging, suggesting that ideas of place are inextricably connected with notions of identity and human relationships, among others.

Better responses sustained this thesis throughout the response through a discerning selection of textual detail and a perceptive analysis of both the prescribed text and a text or texts of their own choosing.

Ranting and Writing

These candidates applied conceptual ideas to their responses and used textual details as a means to support their level of conceptual understanding. They showed a discerning choice of texts, using related materials that clearly demonstrated insight into the concept of belonging and the question being examined.

In sound responses, candidates engaged with the concept and used their knowledge to develop a thesis in response to the question.

Many candidates approached the question in a logical and structured way, but often relied on an overview of texts and description as a means of discussion. These responses tended to list rather than analyse textual details and features, and adopted a series of explanations.

Some of these responses were reliant on textual analysis at the expense of a well-developed and coherent line of argument. Links between texts were evident, but remained undeveloped. Candidates did not sustain their conceptual discussion throughout the response.

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Candidates often resorted to storytelling with intermittent reference to, rather than an analysis of, textual features.View Essay - Ten Canoes Essay from ASB at Arizona State University.

Ethnographic Film Assignment Ten Canoes The story in Ten Canoes tells a tale of jealousy that links back to the distant tribe Find Study Resources%(3). Special DVD features include "The Balanda and the Bark Canoes — The Making of Ten Canoes", an aerial map of Arnhem Land, interviews with Peter Djigirr and director Rolf de Heer, a Photo Gallery, and a DVD-Rom Study Guide.

Ten Canoes: Study Guide. human characteristics to an inanimate object There is a patent similarity to the moral of all three of the stories in Ten Canoes.

All of them appear to extoll the values of patience, and emphasize the fact that all things will happen in due time for those who wait. One of the stories, in which Minygululu tells his. HSC Notes from the Marking Centre — English Standard and Advance; HSC Notes from the Marking Centre – English (Standard) and English (Advanced) English (Standard) and English (Advanced) Paper 1 – Area of Study Section I Ten Canoes.

In stronger responses, candidates developed a skilful thesis reflecting that belonging. Ten Canoes Essay. Topics: Marriage Ten Canoes/Cloudstreet Study Notes Essay * Influenced by anthropological work by David Thompson - lived with the people and documented their lives - photo of ten men with canoes * Cast are amateurs from local community.

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Ten Canoes: What does it teach us about what it means to belong? | Language Matters