The background of the national security agency in the united states

Results of Previous Investigations into Alleged Contra Drug Trafficking With the intersection of political, economic, geographic, and military factors in Central America affecting the Contra movement, allegations of arms smuggling, profiteering, corruption, drug trafficking, etc. Several previous investigations have explored allegations that the Contra effort was funded with the proceeds of drug trafficking.

The background of the national security agency in the united states

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Within range, 3, 2, 1, rifle. These NSA documents are being published and broadcast here for the first time. It's the first clear proof that the base has moved from strategic analysis to tactical military intelligence, showing the significant shift in Pine Gap's functions.

There's a good reason this is classified as 'Top Secret', it's evidence of the base's elevated military role. So what does Pine Gap do? Since the s, it had become publicly known that the base was operated mainly by the CIA for worldwide surveillance, and by the NSA for detecting ballistic missile launches and collecting satellite communications.

But things have changed. Now it's the US military that has taken the base into its new role of battlefield surveillance, communications and targeting. But it also does a great deal more. In particular it's shifted from a, if you like, national level of strategic intelligence, primarily to providing intelligence, actionable, time-sensitive intelligence for American operations in battlefields ranging frankly from the Pacific all the way through to Africa.

That's a huge transformation, Peter Cronau: Another of the NSA documents describes 'Missions and '. There are four huge US military satellites in stationary orbit 36, kilometres above the surface of the Earth, controlled and commanded by operators at Pine Gap, and another base in the UK.

The satellites collect data from phone, radio, microwave, satellite uplinks, and other civilian and military transmissions.

Domestic Surveillance Techniques - Our Data Collection Program

The geostationary orbit of the Mission satellites allows them to provide continuous coverage of the majority of the Eurasian landmass and Africa. On the other side of the globe, situated in the English countryside, the US and UK's Menwith Hill base covers the western hemisphere, including the Middle East and Africa, but in addition Europe and the Atlantic landmasses.

All types of communications, signals and electronic intelligence are sucked up by the United States' huge spy satellites and then fed into Pine Gap. Revelations by NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden have shown how so much of the world's communications data, including from phones and emails, is collected and stored by the NSA.

Those transmissions can be collected from the edge of the Pacific to the edge of Africa. Pine Gap then supplies that data, processes that data, analyses it, if necessary decrypts it and then passes it on to the Pentagon for often direct transmission to theatre battle operations.

The background of the national security agency in the united states

These PROFORMA signals are the communications data of radar systems and weapon systems such as surface-to-air missiles, anti-aircraft artillery, and fighter aircraft.

This vital tactical information is provided in near real-time to US forces in battlefields. Pine Gap's analysing of this data gives a significant warfighting advantage.

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The revolution in digital communications has transformed spying and warfare. Crucially it is the detailed geolocation analysis that allows precise location of the source of signals which has become so useful.

David Rosenberg worked as an NSA intelligence analyst inside Pine Gap from toand he confirms the base's geolocation capability. We're talking about the ability of satellites to geolocate particular electronic transmissions. Satellites of course have had that ability for many, many decades now, the ability to geolocate an electronic signal.

So if we do need to know where an electronic signal is coming from, certainly ground sites in addition to the Pine Gap facility would have that capability. Not only in the US intelligence community but from other countries as well. Those documents provide authoritative confirmation that Pine Gap is involved, for example, in the geolocation of cell phones used by people throughout the world, from the Pacific to the edge of Africa.The mission of the CJIS Division is to equip our law enforcement, national security, and intelligence community partners with the criminal justice information they need to protect the United.

Our work is exciting, intellectually challenging, and essential to the security and welfare of the United States of America. Since , NSA/CSS has been the world expert on cryptology and electronic communications systems.

The United States intelligence effort shall provide the President and the National Security Council with the necessary information on which to base decisions concerning the conduct and development of foreign, defense and economic policy, and the protection of United States national interests from foreign security threats.

Jul 09,  · The United States has identified China as the leading suspect in the massive hacking of the U.S. government agency, an assertion China’s Foreign Ministry dismissed as “absurd logic.”. Apr 26,  · Background: The California Story. Origin and Development of the Contra Conflict.

A treaty between the United States and Nicaragua gave the United States the right to intervene in Nicaraguan affairs, and U.S. Marines were dispatched to Nicaragua in to protect U.S. economic interests. Under National Security Council.

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