What are the advantages of speaking a second language

Far better, it was thought, to get one right than bother with two. An even more extreme and absurd view was that learning two languages caused a kind of schizophrenia or dual personality. Some studies did seem to back up the idea that learning two languages could be problematic; early researchers noted that bilingual people tended to have smaller vocabularies and slower access to words. But these myths and minor disadvantages have now been overshadowed by a wave of new research showing the incredible psychological benefits of learning a second language.

What are the advantages of speaking a second language

April 12, European Day of Languages: Bilingualism is chronically low in the United States, however there are many benefits related to speaking more than one language in the workplace.

What are the advantages of speaking a second language

English is currently the most spoken language by Experteer users by far. Almost 40 percent have some level of ability in the English language. The second most spoken is French, with German is third, at Since the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union on June 23, the question of the decline of the English language has been raised in Europe.

The simple answer is no, especially in the short term. Currently, it is thought that 13 percent of EU citizens speak English as their native language and almost 40 percent have conversational skills in English.

Stave off dementia

Globally, there are million native English speakers. The Immigration Act prevented foreign citizens who could not read or write in any language from moving to the US. A number of US states even passed legislation banning the teaching of foreign languages to young children.

Speaking a language other than English was considered un-American.

The benefits of learning a second language

Despite that, the benefits of bi- or multilingualism cannot be denied. Not only does speaking more than one language better connect us with the world around us, it is also great for cognitive function. Distinguishes you and helps set you apart from the competition. Delays cognitive damage and the onset of symptoms of dementia and other degenerative diseases.

Bilingual employees are superior multi-taskers. A study by the National Institute of Health also found that bilingual employees are better able to switch between two tasks than their monolingual colleagues.

While there are certainly benefits to speaking more than one language, the question remains — is it really necessary? One hundred years ago bilingualism was thought to be detrimental to verbal development and to actually harm IQ.

Better job prospects

This has of course been found not to be the case; however there are some lesser known effects of bilingualism. Despite chronically low language ability rates in the US, the fact remains that there are many benefits to being able to speak a second, or even third language.

Being able to carry a conversation in a language other than your mother tongue not only looks impressive on your resume, it also improves brain function.In total, I believe that learning a second language should be more emphasized in the United States education system.

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10 Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Duke University, Web. 22 Mar. Hazlehurst, Jeremy. Advantages of Speaking a Second Language Advantages of Speaking a Second Language. Though quite challenging, everyone aspires to learn a second language. Most people fail to do it not because they do not want to, but because of the fact that it is quite involving.

Learning a second language is exciting and beneficial at all ages.

What are the advantages of speaking a second language

It offers practical, intellectual and many aspirational benefits In today's world, there is over languages and learning at least one will help you in life massively.

Although it has been proven that it is easier for children to learn a second language, it is certainly never too late to learn, and the benefits definitely reward the effort and dedication. One big advantage of speaking a second language is that it can help you develop your career a great deal.

With the advent of globalization, it is necessary to . Jun 19,  · Physiological studies have found that speaking two or more languages is a great asset to the cognitive process.

The brains of bilingual people operate differently than single language speakers. If your C.V. accolades include fluency in a second language, your chances of employment in today’s economy are much greater for you than for those who speak only one language.

Multilingual people are able to communicate and interact within multiple communities.

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